Violations and Fines

The following is fine schedule for violations as indicated in our Declaration of Covenants and the Regulations of the Architectural Review Board (ARB). For detailed information please view these documents.

Violation Fines Protocol - After the 2nd Notification. if fines have not been paid, a charge of $10 per day will be added to the homeowner's outstanding balance until payment is made or until violation has been resolved.

All fines for violations are $50 per incident, with the following exceptions: (NO SECOND NOTIFICATIONS)

  1. Open Air Bonfires $100
  2. Excessively Loud Music $100
  3. After Hours Noise $100
  4. After Hours Fireworks $100
  5. Fireworks too close to Dwellings $75
  6. Common Area Misconduct $100 (see details below)
  7. Illegal Short Term Rentals $250/Daily (see details below)

(6) Common Area: Article IV, See 3 (b), pg 8

Unpaid Assessments: The right of the Association to suspend the right of a Member to use the facilities for any period during which any assessment remains unpaid for more than thirty (30) after notice; the right of the Association to suspend the right of a Member to use the said facilities for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days for any other infraction of this Declaration or the regulations.

(7) SHORT-TERM RENTALS: NO Short-Term Rentals are allowed in Summit Pointe Community

Definitions - Article I, Sec 7, pg 4

Living Unit: Shall mean and refer to any portion of a structure situated upon the Properties designed and intended for use and occupancy as a residence by a single family, and includes single family detached units, or portions of duplex units, apartment units, townhouse units, etc.

Use of Property - Article VIII, Sec 1(a), pg 14 - Protective Covenants

(a) Residential Use. All property designated for residential use shall be used, improved and devoted exclusively to residential use. An Owner may lease a Living Unit to a single family if the lease is in writing and subject to provisions of this Declaration, the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation (see above for full Definitions of: Living Unit- Article 1, Sec 7, pg 4)


Illegal short-term rentals.

Homeowner has been renting out their home on a short-term basis to various individuals or groups who are not part of the single-family unit and not for residential purposes.


$250 per Day


If homeowner continues to use their property as a short-term rental legal action will be taken immediately.

Other Violations at $50 each (for full details refer to Exhibit C to the Declaration of Covenants)

  1. Article 1 - Temporary dwellings, mobile homes, tents, roadways, etc.
  2. Article 4 - Dumping + Trash + Livestock + Offensive Activities
  3. Article 6 - Parking Issues
  4. Article 8 - Building set back lines, altered walls, retaining walls, grade elevations, etc.
  5. Article 11 - Maintenance of lots, woods, vegetation, dead trees, debris, etc.
  6. Trash Containers: All trash must be put in a  proper receptacle. No trash is to be left out in bags, only containers shall be put out for collection no more than the day prior to collection, and containers shall be taken in the day of collection.
  7. Animals: There are to be no animals that do no all under the heading of domestic pets. All domestic pets that are kept outside the living area of the property are to be on leashes, runs, in kennels, cages or enclosed in a manner that prohibits the animal from leaving the property owner's legal property.
  8. Recreational Vehicles: All recreational vehicles must be maintained, tires inflated, and kept in rear of property or garage, and may not be visible from the main thoroughfare. Trailers, motorhomes, and boats are not to be considered recreational vehicles for the purpose of this regulation. Regulation pertains to dirt bikes, snow mobiles, and any terrain vehicles (ATV's), etc.
  9. Storage Facilities: No storage facility shall be located on the frontage of any property (frontage will be considered the area that is in front of the total width and length of a structure on any property). All storage facilities will also be regulated by the Borough Zoning Laws.
  10. Machinery: All mechanical, gas, or electrical devices shall be kept in either a storage facility, garage, or in the living area, e.g., snow blowers, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, tractors, etc.
Summit Pointe Property Owners Association (SPPOA)
Architectural Review Board (ARB)