The Architectural Review Board (ARB) is not meant to be viewed as a negative
Committee that distributes violations only. Rather, this Sub Committee is to be
viewed as a Committee which will ensure that our Community remains well
maintained and attractive to you and visitors alike. The Committee is also
responsible for ensuring that regulations outlined in the Declaration Of Covenants
are enforced as they apply to the ARB.
Please be mindful of your property’s appearance, and take all steps to maintain a
clean, clutter free appearance. Examples of good property maintenance are:

  • Trash cans are not visible on non-garbage pickup days.
  • Grass is cut always.
  • Yard tools and supplies are neatly stored out of visibility of others
  • Garbage is not visible anywhere on your property.

Please do not stockpile in any location on your property. Be mindful of what your
neighbors see as well. “If you hide things in locations on your property so you
won’t see them, your neighbors should not have to see that which you are trying
to hide!”
FYI: County waste will take up to two (2) large items at pickup, but you have to
call and inform them of the items you are throwing out.
Visit our website for additional information on the ARB. Lets function as a
COMMUNITY and be courteous to one another to make Summit Pointe pristine in
its’ appearance always!

Summit Pointe Property Owners Association (SPPOA)
Architectural Review Board (ARB)